Container Tipping

Orca Canadian Transport offers container tipping for our clients on the Lower Mainland and in the Fraser Valley.

The Advantages of Container Tipping:

  • Safety: Container Tipping is a relatively safe method of freight shipping because the bulk product is tipped using controls inside the truck. There is no handling of materials like with boxes or pallets.
  • Time: Container Tipping is allows for rapid loading and unloading of materials. This is a very fast method of transport.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Because Container Tipping is safe and fast, that makes it a very cost-efficient way to transport, load, and unload materials.


If you have dry, bulk, loose freight needing container tipping, please feel free to contact us and talk to us about it. We are experienced with this type of shipping and can do it safely and cost-effectively. We provide efficient and no-hassle services to our roster of clients.